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    Running a State Transition on Startup

      Hi there

      Trying to get my ap to change state on startup to run a transition animation. The idea is that this is a nice way to bring the ap to life, with some movement to bring the interface in.

      Is there a simple trick to do this?

      I have tried state=" startupState" in the WindowedApplication line which works for me in a Flex ap, but in Air produces a long list of complaints about transition effects under the category:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference

      I have tried creationComplete="state=' startupState'" but get the same result

      Any suggestions? I am quite new to this so may have missed something obvious, or perhaps there is a better way than using a state transition to run a bit of animation on the interface at startup?

      Any help much appreciated
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          AndyTank Level 1

          The self-help bureau here...(!)

          Just in case anybody else is looking into this I have the solution...

          One of my Zoom transitions was set to a duration of zero. This plays happily in the Flex world
          In Air land on the other hand zero's are no-no's, so simply setting the duration to 0.001 resolved the issue