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    Using ItemRender

    LucaL8 Level 1
      Hi to all.
      I've got a question for you.
      I have a TileList with a custom ItemRender that implements one function: ChangeBG.
      When i select one item on a TileList i want to access to its ItemRender and call the function ChangeBG.
      How can i do this? Selected item have a method that return his itemRender (his instance i think..)

      Thanos to all!
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          EvolvedDSM Level 2
          Here's an example from one of my datagrids (same concept as TileList I believe)

          <mx:Button click="outerDocument.doSomething()" icon="@Embed('../assets/images/undo.png')" toolTip="Out Table"/>

          In this example, my itemRenderer uses a button component. There's a click function that calls the method 'doSomething()' however it will only work if you specify outerDocument before it. I'm not 100% sure on why it requires this, but that's the only way I've seen it work. Hopefully this helps you.