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    problem with security.showsetting() method


      i have been trying to display the settings panel but cant do it,
      i am not able to figure out any solution.
      scene is like this,

      i have made one small widget in flex which does recording using microphone
      i used swfobject to integrate the swf file (i used the static method of swfobject to integrate this swf file)
      this widget needs to come on an overlay (the lightbox) made by dojo,
      the swf file gets downloaded with the page itself but remains hidden as it is on the overlay of dojo,
      the widget gets displayed when this overlay is displayed (the overlay comes up on a click event of some object)

      problem ::
      1) first of all i cant figure out on what event should i display the security panel for microphone
      2) secondly i tried to display security panel on a click event of a button, but i was not lucky enough
      to get it up.

      is this happening because of swfobject?
      is there need to add some params to the swfobject's static method for it to work

      please help me.

      thanks in adv...