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    Problem combining "use  namespace mx_internal" and events

    EricJ32 Level 1
      I'm using the AutoSizingAdvancedDataGrid from WorkDay (here) . I need to extend it so that it dispatches a new event when it creates the rows and columns.
      However, putting [Event(name="heightChanged", type="mx.events.Event")] after the import statements as normal does not reveal the heightChanged event in the calling code as it should. If I comment out the "use namespace mx_internal" line, then the event is exposed, but obviously the compile fails because it needs the namespace for the getHeaderInfo() (and other) functions.
      Now, I have gotten around this problem by extending the AutoSizingAdvancedDataGrid again to AutoSizingADG and overriding the makeRowsAndColumns function, but I would like to know why the original won't work, and if there's any other way to solve it?

      Thanks for your help