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    Presenter 7 Animations

      I'm using Adobe Presenter 7 and PowerPoint 2007. Animations do not appear to be working on some objects. In my current presentation, I added a glow to a square shape and then a fade entrance animation. It works in PowerPoint, but it does not work when published with Presenter. The object is on screen when the slide is reached even though it should not appear till later.

      If I convert the PowerPoint 2007 presentation to a 2003 version, the animations work properly, but the images look terrible.

      Any advice?

      Thank you.

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          leo_leo Level 2
          Hi David ,

          I tried the same , i.e inserted a shape ,applied Glow effect and fade entrance animation and published it . It works fine for me .

          For image Quality , you can try setting Image Quality to High in Quality tab of Presentation Settings window .