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    Bindable variables do not work in tilelist

    nikos101 Level 2
      When I have this as a data provider in a tilelist:

      <mx:ArrayCollection id="arrColl">
      <mx:Object label="Staff details"/>
      <mx:Object label=""/>

      <mx:Object label="Staff details"/>
      <mx:Object label="userID: {selectedItem.getItemAt(0).userID}"/>

      <mx:Object label="staffID:"/>
      <mx:Object label="Current Password:"/>
      <mx:Object label="Creation date:"/>
      <mx:Object label="Area:"/>

      <mx:Object label= "{selectedItem.userID}"/>
      <mx:Object label="{selectedItem.staffID}"/>
      <mx:Object label= "{selectedItem.password}"/>
      <mx:Object label="{selectedItem.creationDate}"/>
      <mx:Object label="{selectedItem.area}"/>

      The Bindable variables do not work.

      However the following would work fine:

      <mx:VBox width="240" height="155.85" x="479.15" y="40" id="vbox1">
      <mx:Text width="200" color="#26262E" text="Staff details"/>
      <mx:Label text="userID: {selectedItem.userID}"/>
      <mx:Label text="staffID: {selectedItem.staffID}"/>
      <mx:Label text="Current Password: {selectedItem.password}"/>
      <mx:Label text="Creation date: {selectedItem.creationDate}"/>
      <mx:Label text="Area: {selectedItem.area}"/>

      Do you see any problems?