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    creating ActionScript 3 project and trace

    Christoph Atteneder

      We just licensed Flexbuilder in the company I´m working for and I just wanted to try out a simple trace for testing.
      I created an ActionScript project and tried to use following code in my class:

      package {
      import flash.display.Sprite;
      import flash.utils.trace;

      public class Test extends Sprite
      public function Test() {
      trace("Hello World!");

      I got following errors in the Problems view:
      1172: Definition flash.utils:trace could not be found. Test.as Test line 3

      I checked for the library path in the properties and found the required swc files already added:


      I tried to remove and and add them again, but no changes regarding the error message.

      I´m using the flexbuilder 2(Version 2.0.143459) including
      eclipse package:
      Eclipse Platform
      Version: 3.1.2
      Build id: M20060118-1600

      Any ideas where to get working swc library files or what kind of properties I have to set to get the trace running.

      I tried the same in a Flex project getting the same error.

      thx for any hints