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    How to avoid "Cannot display source code at this location"?

      This debugger message really annoys me. It seems to me that sometimes when my program fails the debugger returns nice friendly messages telling me exactly what line numebr an object is undefined. This is great. But half the time I get message of this nature.

      at main_fla::MainTimeline/ot()
      at main_fla::MainTimeline/buttMouseEvent()
      Cannot display source code at this location.

      Why does the debugger refuse to show the line number of the code sometimes?
      Is there acoding practice that one should use to avoid these unhelpful debug messages?

      It is very annoying when you have a 200 line function that tells you that somehting is undefined SOMEWHERE in the function without giving you a line number. Granted at least AS3 does actually warn you....(unlike AS2) but I am constantly plagues by these "Cannot display source code at this location" messages.

      An anyone offer any explanation to why these messages dont display line numebrs or how to code in a way that avoids them?