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    Loading jpeg thumbnails


      I am trying to load a bunch of jpegs form a subfolder to where my swf is. I want the jpegs to act as thumbnails which when clicked will load the larger jpeg. I am stuck for the past 3 hours +... Pls can someone help

      I have a shell.swf which links to different swf for different menu. From this one of the menu is to display photos. These photos are stored in 2 folders one for thumbnails and one for the larger jpegs. When the user selects the photo.swf. I want the thumbnails to be loaded into it. I have used loadMovie to load the jpegs.

      This is my code

      this.createEmptyMovieClip("container", 1000);
      this.container.loadMovie(" http://chinchpoklichachintamani.com/Gpicsthumb/", _global.gpicnames[parseInt(this._name)-100].toString()+".jpg");

      I have used arrays to store the name of the jpegs _global.gpicnames

      Can anyone pls help