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    How to remove the buttons

      When I use quiz manager to make some test question, I would like to remove the bottom buttons ,
      For example, play button, I just need submit button. Would you all to tell me how to do it? Thanks.
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          leo_leo Level 2
          If all you want is that user must answer all questions and then proceed then there is an option in dropdown in Quiz Manager > Quiz Settings which can be set to Answer All . After setting this option user can't proceed forward unless he/she answers that question . Similarly to restrict backward movement , there is a checkbox "Allow backward movement " . This is also a Quiz level setting
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            AAnkurA Adobe Employee
            There is no setting in UI which would enable you to do that. I don't think you can disable play,forward/next buttons in playbar.
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              Hi: I realize that this thread is rather old but I thought I'd share with everyone the custom Flash objects that I recently created for some Presenter presentations of my own that required me to hide some of the standard buttons.  You can find the source here and a demo here.

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                kirkisbetter Level 1

                You can actually remove the playbar from the entire presentation.  Here's what I did. 


                I created a simple "shell" presentation of only a few slides with a standard look and feel that I would use on all the presentations requiring no playbar. In the theme editor, I set everything up as I wanted it (the playbar will show at first), I then did a save as with an appropriate name for the theme.  Next, I published the presentation using the theme name.  In the published data file, I opened the vconfig.xml file in notepad and altered the playbar line from

                <uishow name="playbar" value="true"/> to <uishow name="playbar" value="false"/>


                I then copied the entire published folder and placed it C:\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 7\Themes


                The next time I go to create a presentation, I go to the theme editor, choose the theme I created and you will notice that the playbar will not appear.

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                  I know this is an old post but I cannot find an answer and this post roughly replates to my question. I want to export a presenter presentation to PDF 'without' the bottom playbar. I have found information about changing the uishow name="playbar" options when exported for web use but nothing for when I want to export to PDF.


                  Any ideas?





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                    kirkisbetter Level 1


                    Set up your presentation as if for web use using the directions in my post above.  So, you should have a folder on your C drive (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 7\Themes\name of your theme) in where you have changed <uishow name="playbar" value="false"/> in the vconfig.xml file.  In Presenter, go to the Theme Editor and choose the newly created theme that does not have the playbar.  Just to make sure that it took, publish to your desktop as if for wbt.  As long as you do not see the playbar, then you can publish as pdf and the play bar should not appear.  All of the other Presenter functionality should still be intact.  You will not be able to see the published PDF unless you have at least Adobe Reader 9.

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                      VideoPep Level 2

                      I just want to add to Kirkisbetter reply.

                      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Presenter 7\Themes\name of your theme ; contain theme which are preexisting or that we get with Adobe Presenter.

                      If you are using custom Theme i.e create theme from Adobe Presentre>Setting>Theme Editor. Then go to AppData folder in your system

                      For Win7 go to C:\Users\userfolder\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Presenter\Themes\Custom Theme

                      For WinXp

                      C:\Documents and Settings\sshukla\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Presenter\Themes\Custom Theme

                      There will be language.xml file. Edit it and add following tags:-

                      <layout>  <uishow name="playbar" value="false"/> </layout>

                      Now publish it to pdf ; it will work for you

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                        awilson3rd Level 1

                        Thanks for the information. I will give it a go.


                        Is there anyway that acrobat can display a message advising that version 9 is required before a presentation will

                        play? I had 8 at first and it took me a while to figure out why I was just getting a white screen, something a general

                        user might not realise.



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                          VideoPep Level 2

                          Displaying acrbat version warning at time of publishing a presentation don't look suitable.

                          All the required softwares and specification are mentioned in system requirement page http://www.adobe.com/products/presenter/systemreqs/