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    Trace on the server

      We depolyed the Flex application on the server. I have some trace statements in the application. How can log the trace statements?

      Do I need to have mm.cfg set again??

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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          The Flex application is hosted on the server but run from the client. So the only access back to the server will be through an HTTPService, WebService or RemoteObject (Flash Remoting).

          So generally what you want to do is to create a logging gateway to send messages to and have the server create the log by simply dumping the recieved infor into a txt file (perhaps formatted first).

          So to do this you generally would not want to use Trace but instead create a custom event to add you messages to, then have the logging service listen for them. When it hears the event make a call to the server and send the String as an argument. (Most likely formatted as XML but RemoteObjects would be faster.)