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    Datagrid sorting issue

    braseth Level 1
      I have two datagrids. After a form is submitted, datagrid 1 is populated. Clicking on any of the rows will submit to another query and populate datagrid 2.

      If I have submitted my form and datagrid 1 is populated, and I sort the columns, it will sort and kick of the second query.

      Instead of sending to the HTTP service directly when clicking on datagrid 1 header or row, I have it going to a routine. If the user has not selected a row, and clicks a column, it will sort but not submit.

      However, that only gets me half the way there. If a user selected a row in datagrid 1, and then sorts, it will still submit to datagrid 2. Again, I don't see why if I'm clearly clicking on the column header to sort that it should submit also.

      Is there a way to make the column header independent of the rows?