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    CFImage does not display

      I have a problem with cfimage that only exists on my local development machine (localhost) - the same code works and displays on my development and production servers with the same basic CF environment (CF version and patch level, etc).

      The cfimage action is "writetobrowser" and is used extensively in the code, sometimes to produce thumbnail images, sometimes to produce default "image is missing" type of images.

      On my local machine, on any template that creates one of these images, the image is created and I can see them appear in the CF dir "tmpCache\CFFileServlet\_cf_image". The "view source" in the HTML looks like the image should show: <img src="/CFFileServlet/_cf_image/_cfimg-8983557613489887032.PNG" height="150" alt="" />

      But nothing displays. Can anyone shed light on what might be happening and how to fix it? Will this require a complete reinstallation of CF?
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          I'm not sure if you've already fixed this, but I suspect that the problem lies in the JRUN connector in IIS 6.0 (which I am assuming you're running). This is the wildcard extension DLL which you can get to by getting properties on your website in IIS Manager > Home Directory tab > "Configuration..." button in the Application Settings section.

          You should see something like "<drive>:\JRun4\lib\wsconfig\1\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll" in the "Wildcard application maps" section. Highlight it and click the Edit button to the right. If the "Verify that file exists" option is checked then uncheck it and try the cfimage function again!
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            AnnTerrell Level 1
            Thanks much for your response. I still have the problem and was about giving up *(well, giving up for a while anyway) and was planning on doing a CF reinstall to see if I could fix the problem.

            As far as my IIS installation, my local development environment is IIS 5.1 and it doesn't have the same options in the application configuration window (no wildcard mappings.) I tried adding the mapping to that wildcard dll to the main application mappings window, and the cf server server pages at all. I get a "server error" occurred. Should I be able to add a wildcard mapping in IIS 5?

            Thanks again, Ann
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              aaronmartinez Level 1
              Not having access to an IIS 5 installation with CF 8 I'm not sure how much help I can be! The principle is the same however.

              In IIS 5 you should be looking for the ISAPI filter rather than the wildcard extension which is used in IIS 6. Make sure that this has "Check that file exists" unticked. This is possibly under 'Master properties' of the main IIS 5 server properties (the top node), but I'm struggling without access to a live server. I do remember that IIS 5 had an ISAPI filter (for non-.cfm requests that CF should handle) and an ISAPI extension (for .cfm requests).

              Perhaps someone here who is running CF 8/IIS 5 could check for you?
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                AnnTerrell Level 1
                Just wanted to close out this thread by saying thank you for your help - I wasn't able to get the error fixed, and ended up reinstalling CF on my local development machine. That did the job -

                THanks again!
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                  I had exactly the same problem and the suggested fix did work for me!