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    How to blur the background behind the AIR application?

    Constantin Ehrenstein Level 1
      Dear fellow developers and Adobe gurus,

      With the BlurFilter, I can easily blur everything inside of an AIR application.

      But, figure this for a moment: I'll have an application with some sort of transparent background, which results in all the items and programs behind the AIR application shining through. Further imagine that I have some kind of blurred background in my application from which I want the UI components to stick out nicely and sharply.

      But here's the suprise: no matter how I blur the contents of my AIR application, everything behind the app stays sharp and crystal clear.

      Now my idea of the whole picture is that the Flash Player somehow "hands through the application" what is behind it when system chrome is off and transparency mode is on, but it only seems to "pipe" it through without applying any effects/filters to it.

      So, my question is: is there a good reason for this (maybe it would be a serious performance and/or platform alignment issue), is there a workaround (like "plugging into" the piped stream of background information), or will there some first-hand solution in the future?

      Best regards