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    HTML Compiled Help File

      I would like to change the location of the compiled *.chm file. How do I do this? I need it to be compiled in the same directory as my files but it is compiling in a RoboHelp temp folder that is created (!SSL!\Microsoft_HTML_Help\!chm_tmp_folder_0\*.chm.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi dpayne608

          Normally all you have to do is to view the Single Source Layouts area and double-click the layout used for creating .CHM files. The first field of the dialog specifies where the file ends up.

          My guess is that you won't see chm_tmp_folder_o there though. I think what happens is that a temporary folder is created for the compilation and the final result ends up in the specified location. I'd be leery that perhaps the compilation was failing and leaving behind the temp folder as a result.

          Cheers... Rick