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    Problem with search engine-friendly url

      I want search engines to crawl some of my pages that can currently only be reached with url variables, e.g. www.mydomain.com/home.cfm?m=fred. So I changed this link to www.mydomain.com/home.cfm/fred (call this "google-friendly url"). On home.cfm I check the value of cgi.PATH_INFO, and if it's not null, I parse the characters after the last forward slash to get the value of my variable "m" (in this case, "fred").

      The strange this is that when I browse the google-friendly url, my style sheet is ignored and none of my styles are applied. When I use Firebug to look at the html and css, I see this when inspecting any <div> tag:

      :root {ua.css (line 45)
      quotes:"“" "”" "‘" "’";}

      My global.css file is in the same folder (wwwroot) as home.cfm. Can anyone tell me what's going on? Thanks.

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          Wild eyed guess here, but you may need to use full url paths for your
          style sheets and java scripts with this scheme.

          The idea being that since you are currently referencing a relative path,
          it is trying to append that path to the URL as the browser sees it and
          find the resouce there,

          In other words the browser is looking for
          www.mydomain.com/home.cfm/fred/global.css and the server is telling it
          no such file exists.