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    Image cannot be processed

      I'm trying to upload an image to have kuler analyze. I'm getting a message that says, "Image cannot be processed. See kuler help for more info." I'm search kuler help and don't see anything pertaining to this. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi, Kuler help has a section about creating a theme from an image:

          Q: What file types does kuler support?
          A: kuler supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

          Q: What does color extraction not support?
          A: Color management is not supported by color extraction, so associated color profiles will be ignored. This feature has difficulty with CMYK-mode images or damaged image files. If you are experiencing other issues, please report them on kuler talk.

          If your image is a supported format, can you tell me a little about the type of image you are uploading (file type, size...).
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            LakNormn Level 1
            Hi Sami,
            I checked those first. It was a JPG file that I got from Microsoft ClipArt. After submitting my question, I noticed that the image was copyrighted. Would that have affected my ability to upload it? After I saved the image as a GIF, I was able to upload and analyze it.
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi, that might have been the issue, hard to tell, but I'm glad you found the workaround :)