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    DragOver Grid

      I'm handling a DragEvent.DRAG_OVER event. In the handler, the DragEvent's stageX and stageY events only occur on a grid, meaning I only get stageX and stageY values in increments of two pixels. I put this trace in the handler:


      and got numbers that looked like this: 114, 114, 114, 114, 116, 116, 116, 118, 118, 118, 118

      So, the event's mouse coordinates are forced to occur on a grid.

      I'd like to either remove this constraint or refine it so the movement of a dragged object does not appear so jerky and so the user can drop the dragged object with more detail instead of having to drop to a grid that is 2x2 pixels. Hope that makes sense?

      I've searched the Web and can't find anything that'll help. Any ideas?