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    Click to load another mc

      Hi guys,

      I have few questions and hope any of you flash master can help me on it. I have a 3D carousel spinning gallery loaded with XML in my content frame (this frame contains different content pages such as about us, service n etc).

      I would like to know how can I make it like when I click on the carousel thumbnail, it'll bring me to the particular gallery page for that category. I have the gallery page coded in the content frame together. Now when I click on the carousel thumbnail, it'll load another page with the getURL command. (the URL is read from the XML file)

      Is there any way I can make it to load the gallery page inside my swf instead of loading another html page?

      p/s: Hope you can understand what I'm talking about, I know my description is not clear enough 'coz I don't really know how to explain it.. =$
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          NSurveyor Level 2
          Hi Landice,

          Welcome to the forums!

          One problem that you might face is that Flash can load and render external SWFs but not (complete) HTML pages.

          If the contents of the HTML page is simply an SWF, then you can modify your code to allow Flash to load the SWF instead of opening a new window. That is, change the XML code to reflect the location of the SWF, not the HTML file. Then, in Flash, make use of the loadMovieNum, loadClip, or loadMovie methods to either load the SWF to a _level or a MovieClip.

          Otherwise, you may have to rethink your set-up.

          I imagine that this gallery page is mainly comprised of images? If so, it might be better to represent the gallery page as another XML page with the URLs of images specific to that gallery. And then just as your 3D carousel loads in XML, you could load in the XML for a particular gallery and then load in each image using the loadMovie or loadClip methods.