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    tricky preloader sharing classes with the main app

      Dear Forum

      I am in need of a ingenuine workaround for a slightly more complicated preloader. Here is the rough process outline:

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----

      1) The preloader.swf file preloads all it's classes (import statements) and initiates itself
      2) The preloader loads php file to determine the total preload size and all necessary files and data to load in XML
      3) Starts a scripted interactive animation once preload size determined
      4) Preloads the main app with MovieclipLoader into an empty clip on _level0. with one percentage count from 0 - 100% for all elements together.
      5) Preloads all XML and files one by one.
      6) Once all preloading done it transitions to the main app

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----

      I am using the preloader.swf method which has a coded animation requiring about 10-20 classes. The preloader.swf once loaded, starts loading the main application into an empty movieClip on _level0 (MovieClipLoader). The main application contains about 50-100 classes.

      Now the dilemma: The preloader classes and the main application classes overlap. For example the preloader makes use of a class called "code.Transitions" and so does the main application.

      I am using MAMP server on my Mac to develop the application and I keep getting *Sandbox* errors because of the overlapping classes. It seems that once the preloader imports the "code.Transitions" class, all references from the Main applications to any overlapping classes will have to go through the preloader.swf file resulting in a *Sandbox* error. It works on the server, just not locally, which is annoying.

      I've implemented crossdomain.xml file with a * wildcard on the root of the MAMP server and I've also added all possilbe variations of paths to the TrustedServer folder in the User as well as the All User libraries of Macromedia / Flash Player...

      I'm now thinking of separating all the preloader classes entirely, resulting in redundant preloading unfortunately. But I can't figure out another way around this to properly debug the app locally on my local testing server.

      Is there a way to delete the imported classes of the preloader and then reimport them in the mainApp.swf file?

      Any ideas?

      Thank you for your time, I appreciate any insight or help with this.