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    Source code for the MX Library

      Under what license are we offered the source code for the Flex SDK? I was browsing though it today and was wondering what condition I would have to follow when changing and manipulating the ActionScript that compose the MXML library.
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          The terms are in the license.htm file that included at the root of the SDK zip file. See section "2.1 SDK Components."

          - Jean
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            shyguychess Level 1
            Hi Jean,

            Thanks for pointing out the location of the license in regards to the SDK. However, as I am not a technical attorney and not well versed in understanding legal jargon, can anyone paraphase the section 2.1 of the license.htm in plan, layman's American Englsh? I just want it to be very clear so I don't break it. :-)
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              As far as your own work goes, you can modify the source as much as you want. However, we can't support changes you make to the source code or guarantee compatibility across releases.

              I'm working with our legal team to get layman's version of the license terms published so you can understand the terms under which you can redistribute components that you create using the source code or modifications you want to make to it. However, that will probably take a few weeks to get finalized.

              In the meantime, here are a few basic rules:
              * If you want to modify the source for the purposes of your own app, which you host internally or on your web site as a compiled SWF, there are no restrictions.
              * If you want to modify the source as part of a compiled application or component that you're going to sell or share, the restrictions are that your component must add singificant value to the source you modified, and you can't use our name in it or imply that we support it. It also must be redistributed with a license that says you take all responsibility for it (This is the part I want to consult with our lawyers to get more specifics on).
              * If you want to redistribute the source code for somehting you create, you can do that as well as long as all of the above applies and you maintain all of the copyrights that are included in the source provided with the SDK and FB.

              Hope that helps. As with all legal things, the devil is in the details, but that should probably answer your question.

              Phil Costa
              Group Product Manager, Flex
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                shyguychess Level 1
                Hi Phil,

                Did you get the layman's version of the licensing terms published?