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    Help with posting a "join us" page

    mr19th Level 1
      I have made a “join us” page for our site, but was unhappy with what I finished with. We want people to send us their information so that they can be updated on special offers. But, when the person fills out the form and then clicks on send, he/she is then warned about sending their e-mail addresses. If they "ok" that, they are then warned about a virus possibilities and do they still want to send it. If it was me, I would say no. I want to make this so that the information that the person filled out is sent straight to me. On all other sites that I’ve joined there is no warning or anything else. What do I need to do to fix this so that the person filling out the form does not have to answer everything at the end? This is the address to the site:


      One last thing, I am new at making full internet sites with DreamWeaver. In designing and making them, no problem, but when it comes down to the codes and what .asp addresses need to be where, I am brand new. So please try and help me using "english".
      Thank You