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    Loading Images Dynamically on MAC Leopard

    firdosh Level 1
      Hey everyone,
      I am loading images dynamically from the applicationStorage Directory into a Loader Object. This works fine. So all my icons (PNGS) are in this locations
      C:\Documents and Settings\firdosh\Application Data\myair-desktopapp\Local Store\default\icons. The loader finds them and and they get displayed when I add the loader as a child (addChild(myLoader))

      On a Mac I get /Users/firdosh/Library/Prefrences/myair-desktopapp/Local Store/default/icon as well. If I delete the files (PNGS) I do get URL load runtime error so it does find the files. But when I do (addChild(myLoader)) the icons are not displayed. The application runs fine no errors just like the Windows version but the Images dont get displayed ?......

      Any help would be appreciated