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    application error running air app

      My air app is a sildeshow viewer which sends request to the server and represents the response data using chart component.
      I encounter a very tricky problem that when this app runs for hours it will get a application error, as air dismiss all the exception while running, I can not get the stacktrace. I tried debug this app in flex builder, but still got a application error from air debug launcher without exception stacktrace. That mean adl crashed while I run my app.
      The difficulty is that this error does not always occur. It happens usually once a week while running , so I can not get the location of the error generated.
      The application error is kind of "memory could not be written", so did anyone ever face this problem? And is there any suggestion for me? I want to know what kind of exception could crash adl.
      Thanks very much, it bothers me a lot.