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    Testing New Forum

    Robert J. Johnston Level 3

      Is it Monday already?

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          john cornicello (retired) Level 4

          I think it is Monday in Japan.


          Congratulations on the first post in the new system!



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Thanks for the H/U on Muvipix. I was just going to wait until tomorrow (Monday, in California) and give it a try.



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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Well, here we are in the new forum...

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                Wheat King

                Hey wow have not been around here for quite some time. thought I'd come over and check out the new place... Looks good!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I agree. OK, there are some things that I have not gotten an appropriate handle on yet, but there are a few little things that I do like.


                  If there was a way to compress the replies, that one had already seen/read, like automatically happend in the old forum. Right now, I'm wheeling and scrolling much too much. Probably just need to learn how to set it.



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                    Wheat King Level 1

                    Had a quick look Hunt. Did not find an option to do this but that is a must a have if you read these forums often.


                    Testing a video link...


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                      paulgoelz Level 1

                      OK, a couple of observations.....


                      1.  It took a bit of head scratching to find this forum from the page the old URL took me to.  I finally tried the drop down, selected "Premier" (the only choice that made any sense) and found Premiere Elements under that forum heading.  Might make it hard for people to find the PE forum?


                      2.  Anyone else find the site is VERY slow?  Especially scrolling up and down.  I wonder if it is written in Java or something that has to be seriously interpreted on my end.  I'm running a P4 at the moment and it is pretty painful.


                      3.  I don't see any option to subscribe to a thread (Email notification).


                      4.  I don't see a "preview" option when posting.  ??



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        I just deleted all of my old bookmarks for Adobe fora (each by program), and did a new one for Premiere. When I use it, I get a listing of all versions of Premiere, plus the Video Lounge. New Bookmark. I also noticed that if I go to the Adobe.com main page, and then navigate to the main Support>Forum page, the icons that were the default, from my first visit, have now changed to reflect the various fora, that I have visited, since the changeover.


                        I've found the speed to fluctuate up and down over the last two days. Sometimes, it's in an instant, while other times, I watch a progress bar for a few minutes. Time of day, traffic, etc., can play a big roll in that. Once a page is loaded, however, I see no slowdown on IE7 - scrolling is instantaneous for me.


                        There is no Preview, that I can find.


                        Click your profile to set the default for e-mail nofification. IIRC, one can do that for "all I've initiated," or "all I've responded to." Do not recall any setting for individual posts/threads, but am still making my way around the new setup.



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                          paulgoelz Level 1

                          Yeah, I did the same... deleted bookmarks and re-created them with the new addresses.  The problem I was pointing out was that if someone was looking for the PE forum they might not find it because there is no top level "Premiere Elements" forum listed.


                          After I figured out how to edit my profile (not easy since there is no "profile" link when logged in), I found how to subscribe as you mentioned.  I also discovered by accident that if I hover over my username in a thread, I get a list of recent posts.  If I click one of those, the post displays and there is an option at the right of the screen to enable or disable Email notifications.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            Well, no sooner than I post that the new bookmark works and that the icons update on the main forum page, it stopped working! I also lost my auto login, and had to do that again, even though the "remember me" box was clearly checked.


                            I'd say that I was premature and that it's a bit of a work-in-progress. Only time will tell.



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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              You may be right about new users and the Premiere Elements forum, but with a main page for ALL Permiere, they *should* be able to locate it. At least here's hoping. Even the way it was, a lot of people posted PE questions to the various PrP fora.


                              I've noticed a lot of extras, like the hovering cursor. Same for History at the top of the forum page. Probably a lot more things that I have not experienced yet.


                              My biggest hangup is the loss of my red flags, the collapsing of a thread, except for new posts, and then the "New" marker on the new posts. I'll get used to it, and will not quickly damn the new layout. So far, only a couple of things have annoyed me, and I can easily live with those. I DO like the ability to format in the text box, and also the indentation of replies, that are not specific to the original article, but are meant to reply to a reply.



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                                paulgoelz Level 1

                                Well, I tried it from home last night on a faster machine.  Scrolling was improved but the page load times were still very slow.  Here today on the P4 machine, page load times are between 13 and 20+ seconds.  That is far slower than other sites which load in milliseconds.  While the page is waiting to load there is no network activity.  Then just before the page displays there is a small burst of traffic from the server to me, so it would appear to be a server side issue.  Until things speed up I will not be dropping by to browse the forum.... it takes too long.


                                I do so want to be positive here but I have to say that so far the "upgrade" is a downgrade, for me anyway.



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                                  Paul_LS Level 4

                                  Paul, I'm with you... it takes a ridiculous amount of time for each page to load. It makes for a very frustrating experience. I will give it a few more days and see how it goes.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                                    I'm not finding that slowdown on most of the Adobe forums. For whatever reason, Encore is still slower to load, than the rest, but it was that way with the old fora too.


                                    I still sometimes get the full Premiere fora list, and sometimes get the top Adobe Forum list, with the dropdown and the icons (which seem to have reverted to the "Top Six," or so programs. For a moment, I had Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Encore and a few others. Glad that I saw that, as I have not seen it again.



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                                      Paul_LS Level 4

                                      Hi Hunt, everytime I click on something it takes 20 seconds to respond... similar to the other Paul.


                                      It is currently impossible to work with. Are you seeing the same times at the moment?

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        No. To Reply to your message, I clicked, and in less than one second had the page. It took about one second for the full editing panel to appear, so in less than two secs. I was typing.


                                        One thing that I do see, and am not thrilled with is where a forum has multiple pages. If one is on Page 2, and either hit Back, or clicks on the return to Discussions, they go back to Page 1, not Page 2, where they were. I've tried this a couple of ways, and always end up back on Page 1, regardless of where the article was, that I was either reading, or replying to. Maybe OE, or something in IE7?



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                                          paulgoelz Level 1

                                          I have just discovered that if I move my mouse pointer slowly within an otherwise static Adobe forum window, the CPU usage goes to 100% and stays there until I stop moving the mouse.  Doing the same thing in other forum windows (not Adobe) results in either zero or less than 10% CPU usage.  Scrolling causes CPU usage in the 80% to 100% range... no wonder scrolling is jerky.  That says to me that there is WAY too much stuff going on in the background.  Note that I am observing this on a 2.6GHz P4 running WinXP.  Nothing I would edit video on, but way more than adequate for simple web browsing.


                                          I was going to post the above but could not find the REPLY button because the forum had logged me out in spite of my checking the "remember me" button.  When I then logged in, the page blanked and stayed that way for a couple minutes.  I finally gave up and hit the BACK button a couple times to get back to this page (and found I was indeed logged in).


                                          If anyone from Adobe is reading this.... this isn't going to work.  Your forum has become nearly un-usable and almost as much of a resource hog as PE itself.  


                                          Paul (one of them)

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                                            Kodebuster Level 3

                                            I'm running a Quad @ 2.66 Mhz and when I mouse over slowly my CPU usage sits at around a constant 60%.


                                            It doesn't ping it at 100, but that may be due to our differences in system setup.


                                            I'm not saying that 60% is a good thing, but that's what my Resource Monitor reads.


                                            Regarding overall response to page views, mine seems to be acceptable at around 2 seconds (give or take)...


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                                              paulgoelz Level 1

                                              OK, reading from home I concur.... the response time to page loads and scrolling is quite acceptable.  But at home I am running a dual core 1.6GHz machine under Vista x64.  However, the CPU use still spikes when I scroll or move the mouse.


                                              So is it acceptable to code a web page that is so resource intensive? I don't think so but I don't want to belabor the point.  Adobe can either fix it or not.



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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                Interesting. I just did the same test, and my second core (QuadCore) did the same thing.


                                                As for scrolling, I do notice a tiny "hesitation," at times, when I scroll via the mouse wheel. It's only an ms, but I do see it. After that, everything is perfectly smooth.


                                                I'm still getting used to the new forum, and have found some likes and some dislikes. For me, none is a deal-breaker for me, but I still like some of the aspects of the old forum better.However, I am a big status-quo person, so it would be natural for me to like the forum that I knew for many years.



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                                                  Kodebuster Level 3

                                                  Paul, Adobe can't fix it, even if they wanted to.

                                                  They probably don't have access to the source code, and only license the Forum app from 'Jive Software', which owns it.

                                                  Jive must be using MS Frontpage and Java for the ultimate in bloatware.

                                                  But I'm sure Adobe can call their hotline and open a trouble ticket...


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                                                    paulgoelz Level 1

                                                    They could "fix" it by reverting to the old forum.  What was the reason to switch in the first place?


                                                    And I should add (so I did) that this is the slowest forum I frequent.... by a WIDE margin.  So at least unless I am home on a fast computer, I will not "frequent" it.  I followed the "submit feedback" link and it looks like I am the only one who is bothered by the response time so I'll just drop it.




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                                                      Kodebuster Level 3

                                                      Has anyone figured out how to set a default 'Font and Size' for replies. It's annoying to go and set for each post.


                                                      I checked around in Profile, but couldn't find anything.


                                                      Also, I notice that none of my 'line spaces' seem to take effect when I want to deliniate between paragraphs within a reply.


                                                      Is it me, or am I missing a secret decoder ring for these actions...

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                                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                        Do not know about a default font setting. I get Arial 10pt on my startup. You can, however, quickly apply a Style, and that would be an easy way to format the text, though you'd have to do it for each message. If I find a default setting someplace, I'll post it.


                                                        As far as line breaks, I just hit Dbl-Enter to start a new paragraph.