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    CS4 media encoder will not load

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      I started having this problem on Saturday.


      To begin with media encoder was not encoding properly, certain transitions were freezing in the final output.


      Then it ceased to load altogether. I have rebooted, re-installed, gone back to a previous restore point (this crashed everything) and spent the best part of yesterday and today fixing it to the point where I am back to square one, despite a complete re-install.


      When I load up media encoder either from premiere or standalone, it gets to the end of the splash screen and then comes up with this message "Adobe Media Encoder CS4 has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."


      I am at my wits end as I need to be able to encode my current project desperately.


      S'funny because I tried installing it on my laptop, which has a lot less memory and a slower processor than this machine, and it worked. Only trouble is that machine has not the power to run premiere so I am still stuck


      I am attaching the log file it wants to send each time it crashes incase that means anything.