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    Large Image Not Showing Up in CS3

    Angyl Level 1

      I'm making a presentation for school that I'd always intended on playing off of a flash drive. One of my partners made an animation (image) of a neighborhood in AI and I imported it into Flash (it's. HUGE! 2200x 717). All this time I've been working on it and animating it and it works fine on my computer.


      However, when it's online or played on other computers besides my own...the animation shows up as just a big, RED SQUARE. It animates like it's supposed to (moving around according to programming) and all the animations we put on top of it, created in Flash are there but the image itself...just a red rectangle.


      Any clue why this might be? I didn't use loadMovie to bring it in or anything...it's an actual bitmap in my library. Other (smaller) artwork in the presentation created in AI and imported over show up fine as well.


      It's kind of complicated but if you want to see it (and the problem) it's up at http://www.angyl.net/guns.  You can navigate quickly to the problem past the other stuff once the gun appears in the bottom left and pressing it about 7 times.