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    Moving Picture of face in Video

      Hi guys, I am new to Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.
      I was wondering, how is it possible to make a moving picture of a face in a video such as the one shown in this video:


      Thanks a lot for your help!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You would probably be best to do animation like that in AfterEffects. Using such Effects as Wiggler, would probably give you what you want. You'll want to separate the face area from your base video footage, and that appears to be what was done here, plus using other "faces" over different bodies.


          You could combine rotoscoping in Photoshop with Premiere and use Keyframes (Motion>Position) to do it, but that would be tedious. Do not know if PS Extended does much more of the hand-work with rotoscoping, but as it's incorporated more video features, might simplify things a bit.



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            Thanks for the reply.

            I'm assuming Wiggler is used for random movements of the head as shown in that video.

            I was wondering how would I make a picture of a face move with the body in the video behind it?  So for example, moving a static image to follow a moving video in the background.



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              Curt Wrigley Level 4

              You can do such a thing in Pr by manually animating an object to follow something.   If its moving constant speed, thats easy.  If its random motion, that could be very tedious.


              For random motion it is best done in AE.  AE has a tracker tool to automatically track an object and create motion keyframes from its motion.   You can then paste thse motion keyframes to a different bject.


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                joshtownsend Level 2

                There's definatily a bunch of tracking done on that video.


                Cutting the head head out (roto) is the least of your problems. Most of the shots look like a still of the face tracked onto other shots. You could take the 16 point garbage mask and cut out the face (but that would take forever use photoshop) then keyframe the scale and position over the head you want to replace.


                That's how to do it in Premiere. But it would take forever.


                In fact it would be quicker to learn After Effects then do it in there than it would to do it in Premiere pro.

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                  I also have Adobe After Effects installed.  I have tried to learn how to do the tracking in there but it's not apparent to me how it works.

                  Can someone explain to me how to use tracking to make a picture follow the face in the video behind it?