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    No matter what I try can't download Adobe Pro 9.0 or free Adobe Reader

      I recently had my PC repaired (motherboard had to be replaced and Windows XP SP3 was done as fresh install).    Everything with regard to PDF functioning was fine until last week.  Up until last week, I was able to open up view, save, and print PDF files.  Then for some reason the adobe acrobat program disappeared.  I have spent the last three days trying to download Version 9.0 Adobe Pro for 30 day trial subscription to no avail.   (I advised the company via email I am no longer interested in this product.)  Even though a pop up window says it''s been downloaded.  Also, I was unable to download the free Adobe Reader.   Nothing worked even after contacting Adobe customer service for help.  I tried playing with settings in properties on Internet Explorer, AOL, etc.   I finally have given up and am looking into buying another company's software just so I can open up PDF files.  As I read all of these posts it appears Adobe is using its' customers to perform Beta tests of its' new products.  I realize this is commonplace in the commercial IT business as there are pressures to get new products and upgrades out on shorter time frame that consumer products of the past.   Comments?