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    Strange flash pixelation


      Hi everyone,


      I hope someone can shed a little light on this issue for me as I'm not sure what to do next.


      I have a navigation menu which has an animation at the start of a ball bouncing and then the items pop up one by one, which in themselves are a little movie so that when you hover over them the ball bounces a little and some text pops out.


      For some reason, when I added the animation at the start, the navigation ball movies have become pixelated when you hover over them and the movie plays. After further investigation, I figured out that if I deleted everything and had the navigation balls on frame one, it worked perfect! NO pixelation. As soon as I add a frame before or after the navigational movie clips, it becomes pixelated.


      I have made all images uncompressed and smoothed and output the movie as the highest possibler quality (though it pixelates when i test the movie so it's obviously nothing to do with the export of the swf).


      Does anyone know why movie clips pixelate when you move them off frame one? Or add a frame before them. The image or movie size has NOT been modified, when I move the movie clip from frame one to two there is no change execpt what frame it is on.


      Am I best to create the animation and put the navigation onto a second scene so that the navigation will be on frame one, scene two?


      Kind regards,



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          Rothrock Level 5

          Not sure I understand you completely, but you seem to have a well-known problem with Flash. So here is I think the explanation.


          Way back in the day the Flash designers desided that if the main timeline had more than one one frame that you most likely were going to be doing some sort of tweening. And that during a tween the human eye won't be able to focus as well on something that is moving. Therefore the anti-aliasing to make vector shapes look good when displayed on a raster wasn't as important.


          Remember this was back in the days of 800 x 600 monitors where a simple fade would tax the processor and nobody had heard of decoding video on the fly and such.


          So if you have more than one frame the rendering engine makes some decisions and decides that you don't need to have bitmaps (I assume these are bitmaps) don't need to be smoothed.


          Fortunately there is an easy solution.


          On your first frame of code add the following code:




          By default quality is set to HIGH and from the help files:


          "HIGH" High rendering quality. Graphics are anti-aliased using a 4 x 4 pixel grid, and bitmaps are smoothed if the movie is static. This is the default rendering quality setting used by Flash.


          So by adding an extra frame you are saying the movie isn't static.


          Silly, but how it is.....

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            BexKelleher Level 1

            Thank you for taking time to reply.


            Sorry if my post didn't make sense. It was kind of hard to explain in a way that you could visualise. I should have just attached examples.


            THANKS heaps for explaining it! It makes sense now and your suggestion worked!


            Your a legend.

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              Rothrock Level 5

              Glad that worked out for you.


              It must have made some kind of sense because you got an answer! I was pretty sure that is what you were describing. I just wasn't quite clear on the whole, frame before, frame after, thing.