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    Making Adobe 9.0 my default?????

      First time poster with a question.

      I was having some trouble with an older version of adobe reader and downloaded a different reader(name not important)

      The new reader made itself my default reader.

      Turns out I didn't like using it so I uninstalled it and downloaded Adobe 9.0.


      It works fine but the problem is when I try to download some thing in pdf from the internet it will not open automatically in adobe.


      I'm running windows xp home with all updates and security packs.

      I'll get the save window but when I try to open it will ask me what program to open with. I do a lot with pdf files and it's a real PITA to have to go through this every time.  Before I made these changes files opened automatically in my previous edition of adobe reader.


      I've searched through the 9 program and features but can't seem to find how to get back to simply opening the files as I download them.


      I hope my explanation is understandable.


      Any help is appreciated.