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    How to export... without crashing Premiere ?

    lanstrad Level 1

      I have been able to export this project (into .AVI with Media Encoder) then later produce a WMV with Windows Media Encoder.


      Tonight, no less than 4 times Premiere crashed after long minutes of exporting that same project and I gave up.


      Only changes brought were some shots processed into After Effect CS3 then re-exported into .AVI files, the latest being then reimported into Premiere CS3 and edits performed there for replacing old shots.  I can render the project with no problem within Premiere.


      I would like to get insights about the best way to export a project (read: get the best quality output for web, without crashing...) - and tips to avoid crashing (read: "Premiere.exe stopped working...." kind of messages).


      Using Adobe Encore to go directly to WMV did not work for me - which is why I have followed some peoples (here) advices to go with WME (x64).