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    search XML result in a tree


      I got a XML result from tree node like that but actually it's more complex.



      [ 1st Question ]

      i want to search a data from that result.


      ( return data value which have type="P" for the first )


      It must return 'AAAA'.



      [ 2nd Question ]

      If i didn't click a tree node, is there a way i can select any node by coding?


      then, i want to make a event dispatch from source which is selected.


      So that i can get a my wish data from tree.







      <node label="1" data="A" type="W">
      <node label="1.1" data="AA" type="W">
        <node label="1.1.1" data="AAA" type="C">
         <node label="" data="AAAA" type="P" />
      <node label="1.2" data="AB" type="W">
        <node labe="1.2.1" data="ABA" type="W">
         <node label=" data="ABAA" type="C">
          <node label="" data="ABAAA" type="P" />
          <node label="" data="ABAAB" type="P" />
          <node label="" data="ABAAC" type="P" />
         <node label=" data="ABAB" type="C">
          <node label="" data="ABABA" type="P" />
          <node label="" data="ABABB" type="P" />
          <node label="" data="ABABC" type="P" />
      <node label="1.3" data="AC" type="W">
        <node labe="1.3.1" data="ACA" type="W">
         <node label=" data="ACAA" type="C">
          <node label="" data="ACAAA" type="P" />
          <node label="" data="ACAAB" type="P" />
          <node label="" data="ACAAC" type="P" />