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    Pre-render (preview) acts crazy and crashes Premiere - QT Bug?

    soom1976 Level 1

      I have a MacBook Pro 17", 2GB RAM, 2.4 GhZ dual core


      Looks like some sort of QT Bug:

      I have set my sequence preview settings to render with QT Animation codec. When I preview the sequence, it gets stuck at a specific location on a timeline when it reaches a still image. Then I try to cancel the render, but instead it crashes Premiere. Funny thing, that putting the image at some other location on timeline renders perfect. I have tried everything - I've changed the image to another one - same thing. I've deleted all the preview files - nothing changed. Then I've tried to change the codec in the Sequence Preview Settings and I found out, that when it's on DV-PAL, or I-Frame Only, it renders just fine!!! So I suppose that it's some sort of a bug that is in QT native codec probably... (it only happens to a still image on a specific location on timeline)