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    HELP: Flash Error Parameter is incorrect.

      Hi. I really need help on this...I am working as a teacher in Singapore and I am currently doing a project for our school. I am using the Adobe CS4 Design Premium. I am using Adobe Flash CS4 for the project I am doing.


      Adobe Flash CS4 crash often and after the latest crash and when I open up my project i got an error which is "parameter is incorrect" and when I press ctrl+enter, it didn't pulish the file and I have noticed that the swf file that was created before is gone after I press CTRL+enter.


      I was wondering what went wrong and if this problem can still be solved. I really neede help right now. I have tried to read articles on the adobe form but found no such case and I have also tried looking using google but no concrete answer.


      I hope there would be someone to helpl me out on this. Thanks in advance...