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    Embedded font adopting Button alpha / transparency

    kid electric Level 1

      I just searched and searched the forums to see if anybody else had this, but all of the font embed problems seemed unrelated to this.


      I am having trouble getting embedded fonts to work on by Button labels.


      I have embedded a font and style as so:

                @font-face {
                    fontFamily: BankGothic;
                  src: url("C:\\Windows\\Fonts\\bankgthd_0.ttf");
                      U+0020-U+0040, /* Punctuation, Numbers */
                      U+0041-U+005A, /* Upper-Case A-Z */
                      U+005B-U+0060, /* Punctuation and Symbols */
                      U+0061-U+007A, /* Lower-Case a-z */
                      U+007B-U+007E; /* Punctuation and Symbols */
                .myBankGoth {
                     fontFamily: BankGothic;
                     fontWeight: normal;

      This gets the correct font to appear inside the Buttons, BUT the text and button colorations are changed... they seem either gray or somewhat transparent (alpha);  normally the text is white and turns black on mouse-over.  Any way to keep this?  It appears the embedded font has adopted the alpha settings for the whole button.


      Can I keep the button skin with an alpha setting applied, but give the font full 100% alpha opacity?