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    How to create/generate automation libraries in Flex SDK 3.3?


      I downloaded SDK 3.3 and extracted datavisualization_sdk3.3.zip into it, then
      run command java -jar DMV-source.jar "C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\Flex"

      The fbpro folder is created but automation libraries are not.

      The output of DMV-source.jar execution reads:

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.3.0\lib>java -jar DMV-source.jar
      "C:\Users\All Users\Adobe\Flex"
      using license {flexbuilder3=<I-MASKED-LICENSE-STRING>,
      flexbuilder3.displayedFirstLaunchMessage=true}, outputing to directory ..
      license is valid, extracting datavisualisation and automation files to ..
      [END OUTPUT]

      I cannot find automation.swc, automation_agent.swc and automation_dmv.swc
      anywhere in sdks\3.3.0 (I suppose they should be frameworks\lib as in earlier
      SDKs, right?)

      Do I have to do anything special to create automation swc's?