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    Password system needs to be logged




      Ive built a password system that pulls in a list of users from a text file built of as such:


      users["name1"] = "password1";

      users["name2"] = "password2";


      Then upon user defined data for name - 'myName' and password - 'myPassword'


      i run a check upon a button press as such:


      on (release, keyPress "<Enter>") {

      if (_root.users[myName] == myPassword) {

      // password is correct


      } else {

      // password is incorrect and its not 2nd try

      if (_root.alreadyWrong == 0) {


      _root.alreadyWrong = 1;





      It has not got to be that secure and for the 500 or so users it works just fine. My question is however, can i log who actually enters and how ofter? How would i go about doing this?


      Thanks in advance