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    Optimal settings for rendering HD720 Sequence ?



      I have a sequence that made of variety of formats:

      few *.mov files ( 1280*720 - rendered by softimage XSI )

      few *.tiff files created in photoshop at a size of 1280*720

      time is 7:22 min


      The final movie is a presentation that will run 24/7 on a Television as a part of some tour


      there is alot of delicate light ray effect that can easily be damged because not having best quality output.

      so the file shuold be very good quality but not too heavy so it will not stuck when running (I tried render to mov file and it stoped evry 8 sec - 2.5 GIG)



      what is the best format and codec for my purpose ?

      thaks for reading.and sorry for bad english.

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          joshtownsend Level 2

          What kind of .mov file are you rendering out to (I'm asking for the codec, animation codec is there by default and would give you those big file sizes)?


          Also what is going to play the video on the bus (sd DVD, Blu-ray, computer)?


          If you want a good quality quicktime, choose the h264 codec set it 1280x720 square pixels then set the bitrate to around 6,000. This is what most HD trailers are set at on apple.com and I get good results.

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            bldbld Level 1

            I rendered as you wrote


            the quality is almost fine

            but there is a problem


            looks like there is a blue tint above all



            The version is not trail or something like that


            thanks again mate =)

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              joshtownsend Level 2

              Blue tint? Not sure I can help you with that. Add some yellow maybe....


              I'm pretty sure the codec isn't doing this but to make sure render to something else like:


              Render an .h264 instead of .mo. Keep the same settings and bitrate.


              The file is basically the same as above but it will have an .mp4 extension. It'll play fine as a quicktime an will also play in other player.


              If you want to try another codec try to burn a MPEG-2 Bluray. Use one of the project presets for 720 (you may need to change the framerate) and render at the default settings.



              This all I can think of. I can't see why the codec would make your footage blue. Rendering to other formats will rule it out. If any of this works gimmi some points, I wanna see what they do.

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                muzicman82 Level 1

                I work with Panasonic P2 footage at 720p60 all the time. I made an export preset that basically took the H.264 Format, set the preset to "HDTV 720p 23.976 High Quality". Then I just changed the frame rate to 59.94 for my application. Saved it as a new preset, and it looks great.


                Basically, there is no "optimal settings" as you request. Everything you do might be different. I recommend starting with a preset and adjusting to find what works best for you. Experiment by rendering only maybe 15-30 seconds at a time. Watch different ones side by side.