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    Silent Install of HUB.AIR

      We have Acrobat 9 and AIR installed on Vista PC's.  I am looking for a way to silently install HUB.AIR

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          If you complete a redistribution agreement with Adobe you can redistribute the runtime and use the runtime to perform a semi silent install.  (I say

          semi-slient because the user still has to accept the Adobe's EULA )


          Redistrubtion agreement http://www.adobe.com/products/air/runtime_distribution1.html


          The AdobeAirInstaller file has a silent parameter that will allow you to push the runtime and an application to be installed.  I'm not an expert on this so I can't say how foolproof / easy it is.




          "Documentation on silent installs is made available when you sign up to redistribute AIR, which if course you need to do to use the silent install. See the redistribution site linked from the main entry."

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            OK - we have signed the redistribution agreement...... still can't find any information on how to install HUB.air silently.....

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              I was asking the same question and it took me the entire day to finally figure out how to do it. And the solution is frustratingly easy, it's the documentation that is hard to find.


              The document that explains what you want to do is here (I don't remember how I found it):



              But even after reading that I wasn't clear on how to do it, just that it could be done. Then I finally figured out that the redistributable you download (AdobeAIRInstaller.exe) is not only used to deploy the runtime files, but also to deploy any .air applications you want.


              To deploy a .air file you just add the path to that file after the AdobeAIRInstaller.exe comand.

              Use that in conjunction with the -silent and other switches mentioned in the PDF above and you can deploy the .air application as you need.


              Example: "c:\AdobeAIRInstaller.exe" -silent -eulaAccepted "c:\HUB.air"


              That command will install both the runtime files and the .air application in silent mode. It also works if the runtime files are already installed.

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                Thank you 'poreilly' !!  That worked....... one would think they would not make this so difficult.

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                  Any idea on how to silently uninstall?

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                    can we do a mass roll out with this run time distribution? i need to have it installe dfor 100 users. I applied for  license distribution wednesday, still waiting.

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                      Hi Folks,

                        Restarting an Adobe AIR Application is not working during Silent installation.

                         If I install testapp.air(which has following code) on a machine that already has Adobe AIR installed on it and I click on
                         the 'Restart' button in the testapp it works fine. (The app is closed and restarted and the window reopens)
                        import mx.core.Application;
                        import mx.core.WindowedApplication;
                        import adobe.utils.ProductManager;


                        public function reStart():void
                          var app:WindowedApplication =
                          var mgr:ProductManager =
                              new ProductManager("airappinstaller");
                          mgr.launch("-launch " +
                              app.nativeApplication.applicationID + " " +
                        Now, we have a need to bundle Adobe AIR with our app and install Adobe AIR in 'silent' mode. I followed the directions in the Adobe
                        AIR bundling agreement and used the following command to install it:

                        testappInstaller.exe -silent -eulaAccepted -location "C:/Program Files/" -desktopShortcut testapp.air


                        If I do this, when I click on the 'Restart' button it does NOT restart the application. The issue seems to be related to installing
                        Adobe AIR in silent mode.



                        I would greatly appreciate any assistance Adobe is able to provide for this issue.