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    Is there a maximum size in either Flex, AMF or ColdFusion

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      I wish there was an AMF forum.


      I have CF version 8,0,0,176276, Flex 3.0.214193, and Oracle 10g.


      I am trying to build an application in Flex, using RemoteObject access to a ColdFusion .cfc via the AMF channel. The application has several comment fields with are allowed to be over 4000 characters in length, so in Oracle they are defined as CLOBs. It all was going pretty well until I started to test it with some very long comments. Then the updates stopped working, but there was no error. I used CFFILE to dump the passed arguments out to a file, and found that one of the CLOB fields in the where clause was truncated. But then I don't know for sure that the CFFILE wasn't the one doing the truncating. All I know for sure is the update doesn't complete. None of the logs show anything. I can't use a TRY/CATCH in the .cfc because the CFQUERY runs without an error.


      Is there a size limit in Flex RemoteObject? or maybe the limit is in AMF.


      I don't even know where to start on this one. Any help you can give my is appreciated.