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    Crashed while export and won't start again...

      Hi guys, i just want to ask, why my PPro, doesn't want to start, it only shows the startup and then shows the application with white screen, after that it closes by itself. no error message or anything. it started when my laptop crushed while i exporting the movie. the screen went crazy. so i shut down the laptop. after that my PPro CS3 won't start. i try to uninstall and reinstall, still the same...now i've tried the CS4, but still won't work. still remain the same. what's the problem...can anyone help me?it's been 4 months i tried to solve, but still got nothing. please help me...

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I have the same problem. My car does not start, please help me....


          Oh, I forgot to say this has been going on for four months. I also forgot to say that this car was stolen and the thief gave me a call with this problem. So please help me help him....


          If you want help, be more specific and explicit, unless you want to base your editing future on mind readers.

          Hardware, OS, software, drivers, project settings, source material, processes running, etc. are just some of the required details with such a vague question.


          First thing that comes to mind as a cause is OE or your system.

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            Ok...sorry, i'm new in this kind of things. or i can say, this is my first posts in this kind of forum...


            I'm using Laptop. it's ASUS F8Vr

          • OS : Windows vista Home premium;
          • Platform : intel centrino 2;
          • Processor : intel core2 duo P8600 2.4 GHz;
          • Chipset : mobile intel PM 45 Express + ICH9M + wiFi link 5100;
          • Memory : DDR2 800 MHz, 2 GB;
          • Screen : 14,1 inches  WXGA+/WXGA;
          • Graphic system : GPU ATI mobility radeon HD 3470, 256 MB memory;
          • HDD 250SATA;
          • anything i didn't mention?

            ok, the case is, i use Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 before. i was using it doing my personal project, basically only combining .avi video. it's finished, and then i want to export it as a movie. but when it's still rendering, my laptop crushed, the screen went crazy (looked so colorful(u know what i mean?^^)), then i couldn't do anything. so i just shut it down forcefully. since then on, i can't use the PPro anymore. i've tried to reinstall, still the same. the startup screen still appear (the loading of all .prm file), but when the application come in, it directly shuts down. with no error message. i also install the PPro CS4, but still the same...is it my laptop or the PPro?


            any info i didn't give you, just ask...

            sorry, newbie.....

            thanks for amending me...^^

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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              Uninstall CS3 using the CS3 Clean Script, then re-install CS3. Hopefully that will be the last time your need to do that.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If your laptop crashed, while Rendering, it could well be a sign of overheating. Also, it appears that you only have one HDD. Is that correct? If so, you could be having a major I/O bottleneck going on. You're trying to get everything done at the same time on the same disc. That can be a major problem, in and of itself. When the system crashed, did you get any error messags, BSOD, just a reboot?


                I would go the unistall/clean script/reinstall route first, but I would take a good long look at your system. You probably have dozens of Processes and Applications running, that do not need to be there. Look in Task Manager, at the Applications and also the Processes tabs. When editing, close out all anti-virus, pop-up blockers, spyware detectors, and anything else, that does not absolutely need to be running. I use a little program, EndItAll2 for this, after I disable any of the above mentioned applications.


                Also, get a copy of SpeedFan (freeware) and use it to monitor your temps.


                Good luck,



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  In addition to Bill's valuable suggestions, disable ALL ASUS processes prior to editing. There is no need for AiProbe and similar applications. Make sure that the BIOS is up to date. Older versions have been known to cause heating problems. If you have any partitions on your disk, remove them. If you have an eSATA connection, use a second external disk for media.


                  If these suggestions do not help, post a link to a DXDIAG.txt file, post s screenshot from ProcessExplorer (SysInternals) of all processes running.