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    Scene stuck to top.

      I am an occasional flash user.  My flash (CS3) seems to be getting buggy.  Somehow the scene has been stuck to the Timeline and I cannot move it away.  I cannot place elements out of scene, I cannot change the size of the scene (fit window, 100%). I'm guessing I am missing a simple change.


      I also cannot open the file I am working on from the opening splash box, I have to go up to Open Recent to get it to open. I do have the file named new.flash.fla, I am wondering if this is a problem.


      I am hoping someone can show me the errors of my ways..

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          My guess for your first issue is that you have the pasteboard unchecked.  Go to View/Pasteboard to check this.


          As for the second issue, it is a filename best practice to not use periods anywhere except to designate the file extension.  Doing this, though, should not mess anything up - except that you are using what looks like the file extension with some extra characters.  My guess is that the .flash is throwing things off.  Best practice would have you use an "_" instead of the period, so new_flash.fla

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            Thanks much, you were correct on the first issue, thank you for your quick response.


            I will rename the file and see if that helps.


            Thanks again.