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    Edited Flash Website Template Won't Accept Changes When Published.

      Hi, All,


      I didn't think this was going to be so difficult.  After I purchased and downloaded a "complete flash website template" file from the internet, I uploaded the file into my local_site file and then into Dreamweaver 8


      The template included files called Flash.swf, Flash.fla, FlashMX2004.swf and FlashMX2004.fla.


      I have been able to customize the flash files in Flash 8 and import them back into Dreamweaver8 but when I publish the site, the changes will not take effect in Dreamweaver8 or on the internet webpage.


      I've had this project since September and I've  read as much as I could read! (...both in Dreaweaver8 and Flash8)


      There is obviously something that I keep overlooking. Am I suppose to be changing something else in addition to the .swf and .fla files?




      www. freelanceshoot.com


      Thanks in advance.