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    Action Script 2


      I have a simple text animation(revolving text) it works fine althought i would like ti to pause for 5 seconds

      at completion in the second to last keyframe i added the following:





      i added a final keyframe and added this to it:




      it does not re-start as expected instead it stops and thats it,,,,, i need it to restart after 5 seconds?????

      What simple thing am i miossing here???



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          Rothrock Level 5

          That would be because the method you are looking for is "nextFrame" -- the capitzalization makes a difference.


          I also assume the ,= is just some kind of hinky thing with the forums, because there shouldn't be a comma between pauseAnim and the equal sign.


          On a few points of refinement. You should declare your pauseAnim variable with a


          var pauseAnim:Number;


          Also since you are only using the pause once and then clearing it I would recomment using setTimeout() instead.

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            Mitch5560 Level 1

            Could you explain a little further here ???

            Example please....



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              Mitch5560 Level 1

              Sorry if i am not clear the "F" fixed the issue thanks

              could you explain what you meant with an example??



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                Rothrock Level 5

                setInterval generally means, "Do this repeatidly at the delay I specify." Which, if after the first time you call it you do a clearInterval means it only gets called once. setTimeout means, "Just do this thing once and that is it. So you won't need to clearInterval.




                You can do the same thing with the returned value, like this:


                var pauseAnim:Number=setTimeout(this,"nextFrame",5000);


                And then if you need to stop that timeout before it goes you can




                But it will only go one time and after that you don't need to clear it. Does that make sense?