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    Advanced data grid icon

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      Hi there,


      the defualt Advanced data grid icon for a row(child of tree) is a sheet of paper. I want to change that icon if a data elements property matches a certain criteria. Is this possible?

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          This is the answer:


          public var itemIcons:Object

          An object that specifies the icons for the items.       Each entry in the object has a field name that is the item UID       and a value that is an object with the following format:

                {iconID: Class, iconID2: Class}
          The iconID field value is the class of the icon for       a closed or leaf item and the iconID2 is the class       of the icon for an open item.

          This property is intended to allow initialization of item icons.       Changes to this array after initialization are not detected       automatically.       Use the setItemIcon() method to change icons dynamically.

          The default value is undefined.

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