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    Forum name preference?


      Hi all,


      Welcome to the new forums.  I have admin rights, so I can make some changes

      to these if you'd like.  One thing that I've noticed is that the email

      alerts use the forum name in the subject, but our names are pretty generic.

      Since all emails will come from forums@adobe.com it feels like you really

      need to use that subject to know what list is being sent to.  So, the

      question is: would you like me to change the names of the forums to support

      email better?  Should I use abbreviations even if they don't look good

      online?  Let me know your thoughts,



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          tinylion_uk Level 2

          hi matt,


          thanks for this post.


          i was just trying to get my new email rules set-up and yes, i think the subkject names need some work.


          Also, the commit messages from flex sdk don't seem to be working (i dont think they have even been hitting the forums, they are out of step wiuth what i can see from 'commit monitor' here.


          could do with all of the forums being easily identifiable really. AOS_FLEX_COMMIT  _GENERAL etc


          are you just taking about the open source confulence forums or all of them?


          as long as they are all different and obvious I have no preference. at the moment my emails from the forums are in a bit of a mess.


          could you post when you know what they'll end up being.


          thanks as always mate