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    Simple Web browser

    Milo[HUN] Level 1

      I'm developing a Flex application that has several functions including a new featurette, a simple web browser. But unfortunately if I request a page that contains flash object (like a menu component, or a simple video, etc.) the browser won't display it. I use HTML. The funny part is if I use this as a single application, it displays Flash parts, like pretty. I tried to use the SWFLoader to load it as a module, doesn't work.
      Does anyone know some property that might have effect to this, or has anyone got into this and found solution. It would be urgent. Thanks a lot,
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          atta707 Level 2
          IFrame withing the Flex application? Google Ifram and Flex and you'll find some examples on how to use ExternalInterface and IFrame to 'embed' a browser withing a Flex application.

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            Milo[HUN] Level 1
            Thanks for the reply, but i have doubts.
            I've downloaded several sources, but all came out the same Security Sandbox voilation error. But as far as i saw it has only designed for Browser based Flex Applications, and not for AIR, what is not quite good for me since i have developed my project in it. So might be useful, but hasn't been there to test it. Any halp would be appreciated.