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    PSA Backup and Restore Question

      I have psa 2.0 on one computer (windows xp).  I am trying to transfer my entire catalog of photos & tags, etc, over to another new computer (windows vista).  I am having a lot of problems:


      When I use the cds to "restore" the catalog on my new "vista" computer, it stops during the process and says an error has been encountered.  It won't proceed from that point.  Could this be a problem with the old 2.0 program being loaded on the new Vista computer??  Should I try to download the 3.0 psa program on my new vista computer??  If so, will the cd's from the 2.0 psa program work on the 3.0 newer version.  This is really a mess; after years of tagging my photos and now I can't transfer them!!


      Another question:  Does PS Elements 7.0 have an album feature with tags and catalogs like the old 2.0 psa??  Should I maybe just purchase the 7.0 Element program, but will my old 2.0 cds transfer over to the 7.0??  Thanks for any help you can give!  

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          To answer my own question FYI.


          I had to purchase the new PSE 7.0 for Windows Vista and load it on my new computer.  Once I did this, my old backup cd's from Elements 2.0 restored just fine on my new computer and new 7.0 program.  The new 7.0 program is basically like the old 2.0 program.