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    Adobe Reader Shortcuts

      Hi there,



      i apologize in advance for maybe reopening an issue maybe - hopefully - already solved, but once being in this forum, it's not possible to search _inside_ a specific (in this case: Adobe Reader) forum but only in the complete Adobe forums... hmpff :-P


      OK - with the upgrade from Reader 8 to 9 i the keyboard shortcuts for navigating in pdf files changed (at least in the german version), which is very, very annoying:


      Zoom in was CTRL+NUM+, now it is CTRL+NUM0,

      Zoom out was CTRL+NUM-, now it is CTRL+NUM1,

      Fit to window was CTRL+NUM0, which is gone now :-(


      Just poor, and even more annoying considering that with this change Adobe developers themselves broke up the so overcelebrated CS consistency.


      Is there any way to get back the old shortcuts, any hint for a workaround? Is it possible to alter any program file f.e. with Resource Hacker to get the old shortcuts work?



      Thanks for any help,





      Apologies for the apparent crossposting in the Acrobat & Reader forums; the first one was erroneously posted in the Acrobat forum.